Water pouring into river"Harmonia: Water of Life" (pronounced "har-mo-knee-a") has been harmonically balanced to help align the major energy centers with the
rest of the systems in the body, promoting harmony between spirit and
the physical body.

Welcome to Harmonia! Latin for balance, Harmonia Water undergoes a special process to restore the crystalline nature necessary for a healthy body. Here at Harmonia Water, LLC we have spent many years developing water with an ability to assist in promoting optimal health.

snowflakeRead: About Harmonia Water, Memory Water and, The Cube & the Sphere

Since our bodies are made up of over 70% water, it is important that we continually replenish water throughout the day. We lose four cups per day just by breathing, and when we add exercise, artificial environments, processed food, and diuretics like coffee and sodas, we can easily develop dehydration. When the cells are dehydrated, the body loses its ability to react to stress and outside stimulation.

Water in living tissue is in a liquid crystalline form. Water that is inharmonic due to physical contaminants will demonstrate an aberrant form in the crystalline structure. Water of high vibration is life supporting and full of vital energy. This water will have a complex crystalline pattern, beautiful, and well developed.

snowflakeView amazing movies in the Video section.

  • Water crystalBelow are three progressive photos that Dr. Masaru Emoto's Hado Corporation in Japan has taken of Harmonia water over a five-year period.

    The first taken 9/03/03 shows clearly defined diamond shaped aspects on the intersecting points of the hexagonal pattern of the water crystal. The center of this water crystal has a two dimensional appearance resembling a mirror. It has been reported that continued consumption of Harmonia Water of Life tends to allow people to see themselves more clearly on all levels.

    Click each of the gray dots to the left for more information;
    also, hold the mouse over a crystal image to enlarge it.

  • Water crystalThe second photo taken 2/17/05 is showing us the evolutionary process of Harmonia water, as the intersecting points of the water crystal have expanded into almost perfect cubes. The geometric shape of the cube is fundamental in the creation of the Universe. The central portion of the crystal is developing into an orb, or sphere, which is also fundamental to creation.

  • Water crystal The third and most recent photo taken 6/09/08 shows us the latest developments in Harmonia water. The water crystal has a beautiful new appearance; it is showing us the transition from matter into spirit. This is "The Flower of Consciousness"

  • When you sow the "seed of consciousness," the seed will grow as a plant or tree grows, developing physical form, growing, maturing and ultimately producing a bloom and flowering! And so it is with consciousness. These 3 photos are in a sense Time-lapse photography of the growth, maturation and flowering of consciousness in "Harmonia Water of Life."

  • The cube and the sphere are the two opposites of form from which all form and all life is born. The basis of all form is the "pulsing cube-sphere." All spiral forms are incomplete spheres, just as all crystalline forms are incomplete cubes. When you rotate a spiral on its axis you begin to see the development of the sphere. A cube is born from the sphere by the desire of our creator to express wholeness by expanding the "Motherlight" of incandescence (sphere) into the "Father light" of whole cubes. The continuous expansion and contraction of the pulsing cube-sphere is the pulse of the universe…The "Breath of God."

    The purpose of Harmonia: "Water of life" is to escort humanity and this planet through the world of form and reunite us with the world of spirit, releasing us from the constraints that keep us tethered to the third-dimensional experience. This will allow us to integrate our spiritual aspects with our physical bodies!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Harmonia Water supposed to do?
Q. What is in the water?
Q. How is Harmonia water made?
Q. How long do I need to drink Harmonia water? What if I stop?
Q. How will this help me to increase my vibration vs. other techniques like prayer, meditation, and the other tools available?
Q. How long do I need to drink Harmonia water before I will notice changes?

snowflakeHarmonia Water is not supposed to do anything! It is a catalyst and a tool for expanded awareness and elevation of consciousness. The light-crystal matrix at the center of this water has been programmed with high frequencies of light. When you drink Harmonia water, the activated hydrogen and oxygen molecules will begin to bring the water essence of "you" into resonance with these higher frequencies! This will allow you to bring light into all seven major chakra centers (endocrines). Balancing these centers and releasing blocked energy patterns will allow you to prepare your physical body to receive your overself body of light, the connecting link with the Christ Body of Light!

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snowflakeHarmonia water consists of purified water (processed through a reverse osmosis membrane, carbon block filter, UV light), and surface-active trace minerals in a silica matrix.

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snowflakeHarmonia water is made using a proprietary process that was Divinely guided! Its purpose is to assist mankind in the elevation of consciousness, helping to lift the veil that has given the illusion of being separated from their Source!

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snowflake When you drink Harmonia water, you are establishing and building a higher frequency crystalline matrix at the cellular level which will support and maintain the vibration that you have achieved. This crystalline matrix is silica-based. It is necessary for this silica-bonded matrix to be built upon and maintained throughout your growth process.

As your vibration increases and expands, so too, will your awareness, intuition, and consciousness grow! Your higher spiritual self (Oversoul) cannot dome with your physical body until the physical body is perfected, and has aligned and balanced all seven chakras (endocrines) with the Template of Light (the eighth chakra).

Most people find that the longer they drink Harmonia Water, the more important it is to them as a part of their daily lives. This is because the longer you drink the water, the more established the crystalline matrix develops at the cellular level. The more established the matrix, the higher your awareness (consciousness) develops as well. Along with this expanded awareness, comes the understanding of the importance of what is happening to you on all levels. This ignites and fuels the desire that lives within each and every soul on this planet to find their conscious way home, to GOD.

If you stop drinking Harmonia water, the crystalline matrix will simply cease its development and will be unable to support and stabilize higher level frequencies needed to perfect the physical body and prepare it to receive the Overself Body of Light.

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snowflakeTechniques such as prayer and meditation are wonderful tools to assist an individual in opening to their inner beauty and (when developed) Higher Self. The difference between this and drinking Harmonia Water is the development of the silica matrix at the cellular level that comes with consuming the water. Once this matrix has been established it is able to support and sustain the higher frequencies that are programmed into the water. Even though proper forms of prayer and meditation will bring higher frequencies into the body, without the established silica matrix, those frequencies cannot be sustained.

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snowflakeYou will notice changes as soon as you begin drinking Harmonia Water.A person's awareness will vary. A sense of heightened awareness is one of the first signs to be revealed. Being in touch with your body and its feelings is an indicator of increased frequencies in the body. Focus on people, plants, and animals; Feel the "life" behind the form! Each person's experience will be related to his/her beginning point of resonance. The physical aspects will manifest in the areas where the body needs it most (endocrine glands, emotions, etc.)! Remember, the goal is to merge your spiritual self with your physical body! There will be an overlapping of these experiences as you grow.

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