June 16,2011

Dear Ones,

The highest vision of our Celebration of Unity has been fulfilled! Thank you all!

Gratitude Extraordinaire:I am writing this without adequate words to convey my  deep gratitude and honor for what we created together at the Celebration of Unity , and the potent transformational impact that it had on all....audience and performers alike!!

The performance was a profound embodiment of Love, Unity, Inspiration, Wisdom and Creativity...engaging the listeners with the Indigenous prophecies and wisdom messages. Helping all remember that we are the ones writing the final outcome of this 26,000 year story of humanity's predicted return to unity from separation...and that it depends on our personal choices to live from a heart filled with peace, love and oneness.

I saw how each cast person poured their Presence and Heart into their parts: the messages, music, movement/dance contributions...As well as the volunteers assisting with photos, filming, door donations, signs. And everyone doing everything to make all the unexpected challenges and details work out. Which they all did!!

Each performance part was moving and inspired, and was being received that way. The responses I received from so many in the audience afterwards attested to that impact.

Celebration Savorings: The magical music....The moving reading of the prophecies… InterPlay's breathtaking performance of The Three Seeds story…. The faces of the women beaming as they danced the round dance and chanted with the audience Tenache's wisdom song , “The women have within them the rhythm of the Universe…and Miguel reminding men that they have this energy too.

...Miguel’s awesome 26,000 year story of humanity…Doug's and Miguel’s profoundly moving wisdom stories and messages about our local sacred White Buffalo. Miguel and Doug's Peacemaker story, and Doug noting the error of the US founding fathers in deciding to reject the Iroquois Confederacy system of including  women as partners in  governing and decision making when they modeled our Constitution after their ways,  and its impact of ... next imbalance. Both Doug and Miguel’s messages repeatedly honoring Mother Earth and women.

...Gail's 4 Rivers Chant taking  on new magic as we were directed to link hand movements like a flowing river ... Susan’s grounding and elevating drumbeat of the Council drum with the drummers.

...the audience delight at Kevin's Flow-etry.... And Kathy's serene and magical guidance for the water blessing.

...And as if that weren't  enough, we broke though to shared JOY at the end, as the audience spontaneously  joined the InterPlay dancers in a spiral dace — with rainbow streamers — thru the Studio. They just would not stop chanting and dancing Miguel's closing Taino song/prayer!! So many hugs!

...And dear Grandmother Dona Greene, of Mohawk lineage,  (my Serpent Mound collaborator) driving in from Ohio to witness and speak her Heart at the end!

..And then, our profound and spiritually inspired ceremony after, at the 4 Rivers, gifting humanity with unity-infused water from our Celebration, amplified by Harmonia water gifted to us by its maker.

Immediate Responses: We even got an invitation to do a complete reproduction of the performance in September, at some kind of church festival.... I will be speaking to that person soon...(Is it too soon to ask if we are up for that? too soon after childbirth to consider having more children??)

Others suggested that we take the performance  to other locales and/or make the entire video available, or put excerpts on YouTube.

The filmmaker, Carl Kurlander (My Tale of Two Cities) attended at my invitation, and introduced himself to me after. He praised the powerful messages of wisdom and asked how can we get these messages out to the world at large, when even Bill Gates and his resources can't seem to reach people? I shared with him Ac Tah's wisdom about if we can get only 10% of the people in the US and Mexico to live from a place of Unity, it is enough to shift everything!


Fulfillment: I feel a sense of deep fulfillment of this vision of honoring the Indigenous as Keepers of Wisdom of unity...that it was realized with such magnificent people in such beautiful collaboration. It is also so moving to hear from some of you how you feel that delivering these messages of unity in this creative, ceremonial manner is what you came to this planet to do!!

And the commitment award must go to our dear Kellee Maize, Lani Redinger, Laura Petrilla and Matt Macri for driving all thru the night in an RV from Tennessee's Bonnaroo Festival, where Kellee was a featured rap performer, to arrive moments before the performance…then stepping with grace into their assigned roles! Kellee, thanks for giving me courage to perform "We Are MultiDimensional Beings" as a semi-rap song by doing it with me!!

And to know that this was not just a performance, but a profound ceremonial enactment transforming consciousness that is now rippling out to the planet, through our intentions, hearts and in our waters which are holding Unity Consciousness.

We made it GOOD, Honey!


P.S. — forgive me if I have left anything out...I was so over stimulated with the impact of all this