I received some Harmonia Water from Brian the other day with some instructions to put it in the St. Croix River and offer "I AM that I AM. Alpha and Omega." [The St.Croix River runs between Mn and Wisconsin and eventually merges with the Mississippi River.] As I was driving towards the river I kept repeating this and praying for change, change in the vibration of the river, change in my vibration, and change in the world.

When I poured the water out, I ran it through my fingers and I had energy running up my spine and neck through the back of my skull. All my hair felt like it was standing on end. I swirled my hand in the water in the infinity symbol, not intentionally, it just happened that way as I recall, and I asked the Devas of the water to work with me to make the changes that were needed, that were appropriate. It was a wonderful experience, so great that I did it with my family the next weekend at Lake Michigan. I am honored and thankful to have been apart of the change that is happening to the planet.

Tim, Bayport, MN