The Aura

The aura reflects the vibrations of the soul. Where do the colors come from, and what makes them shift and change? Color is a characteristic of the vibration of matter, and our souls reflect it in this three dimensional world through atomic patterns. We are patterns and we project colors. Colors reflect the soul and the spirit, the mind and the body, but remember they indicate lack of perfection, incompleteness. If we were all we should be, pure white would emanate from us. Strive toward that, and when you see it in others, follow it as if it were a star!

* Red: It indicates force, vigor and energy. This color radiates with vitality. As an animating force, it promotes circulation and gives energy to the procreative process and creative endeavor.

* Orange: The color of the sun. It is vital. Indicates thoughtfulness and consideration of others. It is expansive mentally and physically, assisting in the assimilation of thought as well as food. Its vibration influences the procreative process.

* Yellow: Indicates health and well-being. Is associated with the mind. Its forces act upon the nervous system and the mind.

* Green: Color of healing. The renewing force, bringing strength and harmony. Calming to the nervous system. Revitalizes the heart and circulation.

* Blue: The symbol of contemplation, prayer, peace, and serenity. Soothing to the nervous system, and reduces agitation and stress.

* Indigo: Arouses the mind to higher purposes from its spiritual influence. Seekers of truth. Intuitive and imaginative.

* Violet: Attains to the highest in healing-the energy of red with the spiritual healing of blue-to bring regeneration.

* White: The perfect color of course is white, and this is what we are striving for! If our souls were in perfect balance, then all our color vibrations would blend and we would have an aura of pure white. Christ had this aura, and it is shown in many paintings of him! . . . back